UNASHAMED Series: Official Introduction

Hello there!

I’m super excited and grateful to be able to share with you something that God has in the works for you through this series.

Can you believe that a few BEAUTIFUL friends of mine – including me – from the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and Tampa are going to be joining us on this journey over the coming weeks as we each show you a piece of Jesus’ heart towards living out our new identity as Christ’s followers in a crazy world!

I purposefully asked them to share their heart in whatever form they are inspired by (art, video, song, poem, traditional writing…) and really zoned in on focusing what the Holy Spirit was saying but not giving them specific instructions or commands – I’m glad I did. Their truth-filled content was beyond unexpected and so needed to read and be reminded of.

As you visit each of their posts over the next few weeks I’m praying that you’ll cover us with prayer for encouragement, strength, and bravery needed to live these truths our ourselves proudly and unashamed! Pray for protection against the attacks of the enemy over our lives because he absolutely hates the very scent of Christians living out their lives boldly and passionately and bravely for Jesus as we do the same for you.

What started off as just a body positivity series, in my head, has quickly become something more just by reading a few posts I’m about to publish as part of the series. I am so happy that God chose these people to be the voices that will bring truth on this blog in a generation of thirsty souls in need of a wake up call in the midst of our identity crisis. We need to be reminded WHOSE we are in order to fully and truly know WHO we are. Because it is only in seeking God that we uncover the layers of who we are and are called to be in Him through Jesus, our awesome and very personal Lord and Savior.

I pray that you seriously grow through this series. I pray that God overwhelms you with how much He loved you as you read these posts and that you were designed for someone far greater than your meanest obstacles and your brightest days – Him. I pray that you begin to see yourself in light of His great big love for you.

Do you know whose you are and who you are? Do you know how to even live and walk out your identity as a Christian in today’s culture and what that even means to be one? 

That’s the purpose of this series…to show you that through the lives of very ordinary people like you and me. We didn’t have to be someone special for God to choose us to declare His glory. As you often see through scripture with people like Moses, Paul, the 12 disciples…God often chooses the most unexpected people to declare His glory.

Do you want to be one of them?

Will you rise up to the call of being world changers in your society by choosing to invite God into the ordinary mess of our lives so that others will see His glory through you and in doing so be drawn to Him? This is the hope of the Gospel – that as God changes you and reveals the depths of His grace and love to us that we would choose to bring that message to others and live it out. But its hard to figure out what the entering into God’s mission for your life and the world looks like. Most often times, it’s nothing like we believe. God is famous for taking ordinary lives and transforming them into radical journeys that declare His glory and changes nations.

For all of us though, it has always started with submission and surrender – not a fancy theology degree or even the best family background. God can use anything and every part of your story. He’s been doing it for a long time.

Hopefully we’ll be able to inspire you in your journey of seeking God as we vulnerably lay down the truth God has put in our hearts for you friend. That you would be inspired to go deeper with God after seeing how He’s transforming the very ordinary lives of people like you and me into something greater.🙂

Make sure to follow this blog to help me keep you updated when our posts go out. Feel free to follow me on IG @MiriamMascal / Twitter @MissMascal to also be updated when a new post goes out.

If you would like to become a contributor to this blog then email faithreserved@gmail.com

Love you! I’m praying for you.


This logo was designed by my artistically talented sister (but friend) Michelle Bryan. Click the image so see more of her art (her watercolour paintings are legit!).

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