UNASHAMED Series: “My Story” by Anissa Rios

Hey Everyone,

Anissa’s the first guest contributor for this series and I’m super excited to get to share her video with you.  She is sharing 15 minutes of her story and heart with you but after watching it I wish it was an hour long – it’s so rich with her love for where God has planted her. Most importantly, it shows Anissa’s heart and the beauty I’m coming to know in it.

Something that I’ve noticed is that even thought Anissa’s video doesn’t mention God a thousand times verbally (nor does it have to) you can tell that He has and is doing something in her life and His presence was right there with there as a loving Good Good Father should.

I first met this loved one at a worship night gathering at a mutual friend’s place in South Tampa near USF. I saw her from across the room and the first thing thing that struck me was her gorgeous think hair, and quiet persona that I could tell was louder than it let on. She’s deep, deeply loved, and deeply beautiful. Her bravery in pursuing her passion made me rethink what I do with my career and my life. She found joy in submitting that area to God – a joy that I pray to find also. Before I could get to know her well enough I had to leave. But her love and gentle but firey spirit is one that I know is a promise to be sensed in her presence when and if we meet again.

Side note – have you ever seen eyes as big and beautiful as hers? And curly hair so thick? Lawd, yes girl!


Anything about yourself that you’d like them to know?

 I’m 23 years old and still learning about life.

What’s one insecurity that you’ve struggled with for quite some time?


What’s one random/funny fact about you?

Fun fact: When i was younger I learned how to write my name with my feet because I feared that one day i would loose both my hands.

What’s one moment you felt affirmed in your God-given identity or beauty?

When I signed up for school to become a nail technician it had open a whole new meaning in me. I found a beauty inside me and even though i still struggle sometimes with being accepted for who i am, I’ve become fearless. Fear push me to faith. I WAS GIVEN THIS POWER OF STRENGTH IN HIS NAME 🙂

Is there anyway my readers can pray for your journey?

Of course! Pray for those that have not found this peace that they do one day. Pray for strengthen and courage; bravery and that fear does not concur but faith does!

Why’d you choose this photo for your post?

I chose this photo because I hope where ever I go i leave even the smallest imprint in one’s life.



Did Anissa’s video encourage you or inspire you in any way? Let her know down below.


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