UNASHAMED Series: “Fearfully and Wonderfully Unashamed” by Leilani Roach

Well hello there 🙂

I met Leilani while leading a bible study with a ministry at home in Cayman that we’re both apart of called Generation 4:12  (based off of 1 Timothy 4:12) one evening. When I first met I could easily tell that she was woman of knowledge and loved the pursuit. I’ve seen that in her in many ways and that beauty is beginning to rub off on me. I asked Lani (as I affectionately call her…or Lan…or tidleh…lol) if she wanted to go out one weekend and she told me she’d rather stay home and get grounded in the Gospel. Who does that? She isn’t afraid to go deeper in her knowledge of Christ – it’s her way of becoming intimate with her Friend.


Anything you want to say about yourself that you’d like them to know?

My greatest joys stem from His name. The name above every other name. The name I love to proclaim. That name that never leaves you the same. And you have to thank God that He came!
My Elohim. My Adonai. The Lord Jesus Christ. My Saviour. My Guy!
I love being high on the Lord Most High. #JesusJunkie

What’s one insecurity that you’ve struggled with for quite some time?
Read and assume.

What’s one random/funny fact about you?
I’m a walking, talking jukebox. I have a song for almost anything! (she really does…she also loves rhyming..a)

What’s one moment you felt affirmed in your God-given identity or beauty?
To feel is good, but to know is power.
I try to be about knowing. I try to be about believing, receiving and speaking God’s truth over my life and over the lives of others.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Unashamed

She was never the one
To turn heads for the right reason
The stares were so close to treason
Because her frame was not the same

She was never the one
To be compared with beauty
Even though she had a feeling that she
Had personality greater than fame

She was never the one
That got to discover
Who she was with another
Because she played the people-pleasing game

And she played it very well
It was extremely hard to tell
The emotional death she died with each smile
Crucifying her flesh to grace others for awhile

Just to fit in
To make up for the social sin
Of not being the right thin
Of not having the right coloured skin

Oh she knew who Jesus was…

But her heart was not conditioned
Nor was it positioned
To receive unconditional love
To be accepted in the beloved

Her faith was misplaced
Hidden in the things she could see
But she was voluntarily blind to many things
Her mind was plagued with inconsistency

But one day, she changed
She woke up, gracefully deranged
Her face, unveiled
Her eyes, unscaled

She now discovered that Jesus
The man who came in kamikaze pursuit
Always gave her unconditional love
Without hesitation or dispute

And so…

She’s no longer the one
To doubt who she is
Because she is His
The Fanner of her flame

She’s no longer the one
To hold on to her past
He guaranteed the pain wouldn’t last
Because He is the One who overcame

She’s no longer the one
To stay on the ground
Regardless of how she went down
Because she has one aim…

To never be the one
That hides her imperfection
Whether in her mind or elegantly around her midsection
Because He made her fearfully and wonderfully unashamed

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