“Made for More” – A film by Sheri Warner

Sheri was this beautiful mixed American woman of God who I had the pleasure, the GREATEST pleasure, to mentor in Bible Study while studying at the University of Tampa.

Her heart pulls you in like a warm funny teddy bear and her smile captivates with such richness and awe. Her zeal for God? Paints rainbows over your rainy day. She is amazing.

This same girly created a short film that was a part of the campus movie fest at the University of Tampa where she got fourth place and received a Jury Award because of it out of the ENTIRE SCHOOL.

I haven’t seen any of the other films but this film is my favourite out of all other films I’ve seen touching this topic for so many reasons: it’s real, raw, authentic, well put together, and so tender to watch. Yet, SO empowering to women.

Sher-bear? I hope my husband loves and empowers his daughters the way you did with me through this film. And I hope it does the same to so many others.

I’m so proud of you bebita. So SO proud.

You used so many familiar faces, to me, to depict our struggles as a woman. Some of which I was ignorant of…very.

Before I clicked on Sheri Warner‘s link for this film God immediately stopped and said “You’re gonna share this with others. That’s how good it is. It’s SERIOUSLY good. You should watch it.” and I did…I didn’t expect this film to touch me or move me as much as it did Sheri. This is beautiful. More women need to hear this. I pray that it reaches MILLIONS if not more. The women you chose to tell this story are beautiful in their own. What mastery to put this all together! What eyes to see beyond the physical into the dimensions of women oppression and women beauty. What intentionality that you chose very specific people with VERY SPECIFIC stories and talents to tell this! Sheri – I am proud of you. This is going up on my blog. I’m excited to show others this masterpiece you beautiful masterpiece yourself. You are amazing Sher-bear. I love you and am so proud of you. You blow my mind.

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