I’m listening to FaithReserved’s new Podcast right now and it’s BOMB.COM!

I appreciate podcasts so much and now I get to share my love of them with YOU. I felt the Lord giving me this name “Unleashing the Father’s Heart” and it’s currently up on SoundCloud and

Allow me to introduce you to our first batch of Podcast Episodes that are ALREADY up on SoundCloud (here) and iTunes by searching “FaithReserved – Unleashing the Father’s Heart.”

You can only view the iTunes one in the iTunes Podcast app but here are our SoundCloud links. Our fellow Patreons are the only ones who gain access to exclusive content as well as content in advance:


What’s FaithReserved Even About?


Oh, The Wait…Ep. 2


Dealing With Conflict… Ep. 3

If you Subscribe to our Podcasts on iTunes you automatically are updated in-app when a new Podcast comes out. So Subscribe! If you don’t have iTunes and use an Android phone or some other brand – trying downloading SoundCloud if it’s available. If not, the good thing is you should be able to listen to Soundcloud online from your phone unlike iTunes which can only be viewed from actual iPhones or the iTunes desktop software.

You can listen at any time without the demand of having to watch a video. That’s what I love about doing audio recordings. Their easily accessible and takes the pressure off of you from having to constantly hold your phone and watch something.



Have you purchased our latest book yet?

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  1. OMG I loveeee podcasts! Listening as soon as I get off work and get in the car. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miss Mascal. says:

      Haha! YES GIRL! How did you like it? 🙂 Do you have a podcast? Would love to check out your stuff too.


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