So Much Is Changing…

Over the past few days, I’ve struggled to accept how controversial and non-conservative approach to being a Christian is slowly becoming.

Over a matter of days, I’ve become a supporter of the LGBTQ community, identified as a sex-positive Christian, and disagreed that smoking weed or same-sex marriage should be illegal.

FaithReserved is no longer becoming a black and white blog for me but on where I would like to open up the discussion on grey matters of the Bible and life while sharing my viewpoints on this.

We live in a world where Christians are becoming more progressive in that they’re disagreeing with traditional Christian beliefs such as same-sex marriage being prohibited, cursing being foul, and premarital sex being an abomination. I’m on the same train and I will define what each of these means to me personally in future posts at some point.

And to some, the Christians who say quite the opposite are attacked or put down and silenced for being open with their beliefs.

Before I go on, I’d like to clarify one thing…

I never ever thought I would become a Christian who identifies as a progressive sex-positive Christian, feminist, and LGBTQ supporter. But people change and I am no longer afraid to think differently or disagree with the opinions at large – sometimes I am but this is because I worry too often of what others in a person very conservative Cayman culture may think.

My story is not theirs and neither are your beliefs up to public opinion. They are yours.

I’m learning to open my mind up to different beliefs and to choose and question my beliefs while deciding what works for me. That’s the thing, faith is personal. The journey is personal. I am an evolving human being but one that is so loved by God who has frequently encouraged me in my journey to doing things differently even if the church disagrees.

This has always been my story…rebelling against religion and practising independent thinking.

Does this mean I am reckless? No! I have morals too. But this does mean that I am vulnerably opening myself up to what I was once fearful of: God and change.

It’s been a scary and intense process at times but that’s what it is. A journey.

Many recent blog posts will be edited and unpublished for a while. I only want what I feel peace with to be public on here as I want my blog to be a safe space for those I am advocating for and those I am not.

What can you expect from FaithReserved? Lots of change and taboo topics to explore. Lots of freedom and lots of independent thought being encouraged.

However…I must let you know that as a soon-to-be-returning college student…the posts will take some time. But thank you for joining me on the journey!

In the meantime, what do you want me to talk about? Got any burning topics or random questions? I don’t have all the answers but I do love a good search. So send them to me or you can email me at or DM us on IG @FaithReserved.

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Until then, cheers!



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