FaithReserved Is…

…a blog started in 2015 by a gal from the Cayman Islands with the goal to share God’s heart with His people so that they can be equipped for their calling but also not afraid to question by seeing that I question a lot of things about Christianity. This blog isn’t her to force an opinion or brainwash anybody but to offer a different perspective.

Here’s Our Mission…

To reveal the heart of the Father one post at a time via a progressive sex-positive Christian feminist & #LGBTQIA lover. No topic off limits. 🌻🍃

– Miriam, Founder

IG : FaithReserved | Email us: | Facebook page @FaithReserved

LEVITICUS 20:26 “…You are to be holy to Me; for I the Lord am holy, and have set you apart from the peoples (nations) to be Mine.

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